Digital confidence and digital security

In order to be able to grow, the digital economy needs confidence and security. That means respecting rights and strategically and effectively tackling illegal practices. Only when citizens and businesses have full confidence that their data is safe online, can the digital economy achieve its full potential.

Icoon aanpak van illegale inhoud en praktijken

Tackling illegal content and practices

We are building a modern legal framework, which protects citizens and businesses against illegal content and activities on the net. New measures such as online resolution of consumer disputes or efficient procedures against illegal online content ensure that the same protection applies online as offline.

Icoon veilige en privacy-vriendelijke online omgeving

Safe and privacy-friendly online environment

Technology and its associated risks are evolving at brakeneck speed. Everyone needs to realise that an online front door also needs to be properly locked. We are supporting initiatives to raise awareness amongst children, adults and businesses about how they can use the Internet in a safe and privacy-friendly manner.

Icoon cyberveiligheid

Cyber security

The Centre for Cyber Security is devising a cyber security strategy for Belgium both in relation to information security and network security, and in relation to the fight against (organised) cyber crime. The centre also provides advice on how to more effectively protect businesses, consumers and public services.

Because citizens, businesses and governments are increasingly dependent on telecom infrastructures, and are therefore particularly vulnerable when a crisis occurs, the Centre for Cyber Security provides a plan for emergency and crisis situations.

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