Digital government

Both citizens and businesses need to be able to conduct all communication with the government digitally by 2020 and to be able to do so using a user-friendly channel.

Digital portal

Citizens must be able to report all of their ‘life events’ to the government digitally. Using a single user-friendly, high-performance digital portal citizens will be able to make use of all of the federal government’s services.

Everything in one place: citizens need to submit their personal data to the government, assuming it remains unamended, once only and not need to resubmit it over and over.

Businesses and start-ups

Businesses must be able to submit all important key events digitally. The emphasis in this must be on developing a digital process for establishing a business, and digital processes for editing information recorded in the ‘Kruispuntbank voor Ondernemingen’ (Central Enterprise DataBank).

Unamended data only needs to be submitted once, and not resubmitted over and over. This will significantly lighten the administrative load.

The government will also support innovation by giving start-ups a chance at government contracts.

Icoon digitale hub voor bedrijven

Next generation open data

Public data belonging to the federal government must by definition be accessible, with a few exceptions based on privacy and security. Transparent access to data means a better democratic process. That is why we will ensure that this data is accessible in a user-friendly manner using a single open data portal.

Operational efficiency

Government management will be encouraged to carefully follow ICT government contracts and to create efficiencies by further digitizing services and processes. The government will also utilise new technologies, such as social media and big data, and shall do so with a clear objective: providing better services at lower cost.

Next priority

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