Digital infrastructure

Every year mobile traffic doubles, and internet traffic doubles every two to three years. Investment into digital infrastructure is necessary so that the digital economy can continue to grow.

“Digital Belgium” is focussing on a state-of-the-art network infrastructure, which is ready to fully exploit the “internet of things” and “big data”.

Icoon ultrasnel internet stimuleren

The stimulus for ultra-fast internet

Ultra-fast internet is the lifeline for a digital ecosystem. “Digital Belgium” wishes to continue to advance the pioneer role that Belgium plays in rolling out new technologies for ultra-fast internet. By lowering costs and reducing the administrative burden, we are encouraging operators towards a continued roll-out of an advanced broadband infrastructure. Using a mix of technologies, we ensure that everyone is given access to the internet.


Dynamic postal & telecommunications markets

Competition in the telecoms sector ensures that citizens and businesses are able to take advantage of interesting and innovative services at the right prices.

The government will create a level playing field so that all relevant domestic and foreign service providers in the postal and telecoms sector in Belgium will be able to compete in a balanced way. A cohesive and stable framework is needed to boost investment and innovation without losing sight of the competition. Digital customers must be able to change operator easily.

Icoon digitale hub voor bedrijven

Digital hub for business

With an attractive infrastructure in terms of connectivity, data storage and ICT applications, we are making our country a place where online businesses are established and create new jobs. Powerful equipment attracts businesses, who use digital facilities, take for instance e-commerce, app developers and media businesses. In this way we can make Belgium one of the digital hubs in Europe.

Next priority

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