Digital skills and jobs

In the future nine out of ten jobs will require digital skills. Governments then also need to monitor that as many citizens as possible, irrespective of their age and background, are able to take advantage of the necessary digital opportunities. Obtaining the minimum amount of digital skills is crucial for this.


Following the Grand Coalition on ICT jobs at European level, Belgium is to set up “”. is an alliance bringing together stakeholders from various governments, education and the private sector. It undertakes initiatives so that all citizens, irrespective of their age and background, are given the opportunity to strengthen their digital skills.

By working hand in hand, governments, education and the private sector shall ensure that anyone who wants to can be ‘digitally immersed’. Workshops teach children programming and e-safety. Digital technologies are granted a central place in learning environments and students are able to undertake digital placements. It is important for adults and senior citizens to be able to continue to develop their learning at any time.

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Digital inclusion

Not everyone has the resources, the skills or the self-confidence to make the most of the many opportunities opened up by new digital technologies. By taking targeted measures, we want to eliminate the digital divide and ensure that no one is left behind.

The Internet has the power to interconnect people. That is why we are also promoting the enormous opportunities, which the Internet opens up to connect people: to engage them in public debate, to put them in contact with a new employer or to stay in contact with family or carers from home.


Mobile internet for everyone

Belgium needs a campaign to catch up in terms of penetration of mobile internet. We are overturning the backlog of recent years to make way for progress. A new campaign will inform citizens about all of the benefits of mobile internet.

To give everyone access to mobile internet, inexpensive smartphones with simple applications and mobile subscriptions offering sufficient data must be available.

Next priority

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