Alexander De Croo meets Passwerk engineers

The very fact that they suffer from this disorder, and the professional guidance they receive from Passwerk job coaches, make the Passwerk test engineers perfect for testing whether new software contains bugs. They tend to work faster and deliver better quality than their counterparts, thanks to an exceptional eye for detail, accuracy and ability to concentrate.

Social objective
While Passwerk operates as a standard company, it focuses on a social objective – helping people with an autism spectrum disorder to get a job in IT. Passwerk’s profits are not paid to shareholders but are invested in autism charity projects.

‘Passwerk looks at the competences of people instead of their limitations,’ said De Croo. ‘This is a great example of how IT can involve those who would otherwise have had little opportunity. Passwerk gives autistic people the chance to do something they are good at and gives them a job they can rightly be proud of. This is also what the digital agenda is about – involving as many people as possible in the opportunities offered by technology.’

Passwerk presently has over 80 customers, both within the government and in the private sector, including many major names. Those who have seen the results have reacted very positively. But a great deal more can still be done to lower the threshold for “Passwerkers” and to further promote the company, both through the authorities and others.


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