Digital Belgium

Digital technologies are quickly changing our economy and our society. The digital revolution is responsible for a whole raft of new opportunities and over the years to come will be one of the strongest drivers for growth, jobs and well-being.

Our country needs to grasp these opportunities with both hands.

“Digital Belgium” is the action plan, which outlines the digital long-term vision for our country and translates this into clear ambitions. On the basis of five clear, specific priorities we would like to put Belgium more firmly on the digital map.

This plan is not just a paper exercise. With a focused strategy and sustained effort by 2020 it must be possible for Belgium to get into the digital top three of the European Digital Economy and Society Index, for 1,000 new start-ups to take root in our country and for the digital revolution to deliver 50,000 new jobs in a variety of sectors.

In order to be successful in this, it’s all about working together and sharing know-how. Because tomorrow’s network economy cannot be entrapped in yesterday’s structures. “Digital Belgium” is not just a vision and a plan, but it’s also an invitation to join hands and together to shape our digital future.

Alexander De Croo,

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Digital Agenda


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