Digital Minds

“Digital Minds for Belgium” is a group of thinkers and doers with a rich experience in the digital world. They share the passion to build a digital Belgium and to co-author “Digital Belgium”, the action plan intended to firmly put Belgium on the digital map.

They regularly come together and support digital initiatives, always with the same objectives in mind: more jobs, more growth and greater prosperity.

Who are they?

  • Michael Beal, Microsoft
  • Benjamin Beeckmans, Feweb, Bluecorp
  • Karen Boers,
  • Patricia Ceysens, BE Commerce
  • Bruno Colmant, Vlerick, LSM, ICHEC
  • Wim De Waele, iMinds
  • Jos Donvil, Base
  • Thierry Geerts, Google
  • Jean-Marc Harion, Mobistar
  • Peter Hinssen, Nexxworks
  • Geert Houben, Cubigo
  • Danielle Jacobs, Beltug
  • Marc Lambotte, Agoria
  • Dominique Leroy, Belgacom
  • Frank Maene, Volta Ventures
  • Dominique Michel, Comeos
  • Henri- Jean Pollet, ISPA
  • John Porter, Telenet
  • Toon Vanagt, Casius, Lean Fund
  • Peggy Valcke, ICRI
  • Saskia Van Uffelen, Ericsson
  • Robin Wauters,

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